Reviews for "i like drawing because it makes me forget about myself"

A beautiful and pixelated Retro-Outerspace masterpiece! 5/5

You did an amazing job on this! I'd say this looks almost like some sort of abstract pixel art.

This is a high quality made animation, even if it isn't of many frames. It is also made with a pixelated style that I don't see much. As if a thousand colored pens were each used to make a thousand dots of each colors, a mass-collaboration of every asset... that this animation uses what a typical space suit looks like and adds a fascinating reflection appearing on and off the helmet is also a nice touch.
It's well shaded, yet well lit, well drawn, uniquely colored and styled, this is truly a work of art.

we are the Galaxy reflection on itself once you realize your one with the universe your one with all

Awesome work!