Reviews for "i like drawing because it makes me forget about myself"

픽셀아트?픽셀아트이긴 하지만 그림이 움직이네요.픽셀아트와 픽셀애니매이션을 합친 것이에요?

Amazing. I strongly identify myself in this work, not as an author but rather as the astronaut character... don't even know for sure why. The subtle animation of space floating and lighting shifts gives it such a "magical" touch... maybe even spiritual??
Or maybe i should stop reading so many posts from science enthusiasts, lol
What i'm trying to say is, this incredible piece messed with my brain/soul in a very positive way. Respect.

I like this drawing because it's good and you should keep making them. The moving effect is a really nice touch.

quite impressive

Just when I thought you couldn't top your submissions from last year....this is the most beautiful piece I've ever seen from you <3 oh mah god. Can I have a poster of this??? :D I love space-related stuff and this is beautiful, I love the concept. Perfect, and more impressive that it's animated. You have an amazing eye for detail.