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Reviews for "i like drawing because it makes me forget about myself"

Beautiful, as is all of the other works you have published. I wish I could help you treat your depression but I'm not a miracle worker, that is your job. And stop trying to make us pity you with cryptic descriptions and depressing titles. Good luck. I prefer stills rather than gifs because gifs tend to convey specific feeling rather allow the viewer to interpret it for themselves.

codrea responds:

i see why you would say that, though my intention is not to ask for pity or something like that (must admit it felt like it got a bit out of hand when Tom Fulp mentioned something about depression in his Pixel Day post). also, interesting take on the gifs/stills thing, coincidentally i'm working on something these days and maybe it would be a better idea to just scrap the animation thing and leave it a still. thanks for taking the time to write the review, i do think sincere reviews are the best ones when it comes to improvement.

You did an amazing job on this! I'd say this looks almost like some sort of abstract pixel art.

Awesome work

Brilliant! 8D

damn!! this is good