Reviews for "Earthbound"

Bloody good effort

The end was very anticlimatic though. I think you should finish the job. ;)

damn...way to leave us hanging.

...well you just march on back to your room and finish this D:<

NessSuccess responds:

lol i'm glad you liked it!

You should finish it!

Short but awesome. I liked the use of colors, and the drawings of every scene were very detailed, although you could have spent more time on perspectives. For example; the right window in Ness' room looks strange. Actually Ness' room looks strange in overal. It looks like you drew everything in color first, and added outlines after that. It almost leaves the impression that you traced it, but noticing the wobbly lines in every scene makes me doubt that.
Also I noticed you added shading using a brushtool, which leaves marks in the outlining. I recommend using a pencil tool instead. You just pull a line, then use the fill tool to color in the shading. Dubbleclick the pencil line and press delete. Easy as hell and it looks neat.
You should also have added a preloader. If you don't know how to make one, you can download one on Newgrounds.
The music was a great fit, I would have loved to see this finished. I bet everyone who has played Earthbound would enjoy this cartoon. If this was finished it would have given it a 9 for sure!

NessSuccess responds:

Thanks for the review, and the advice. Im not very good at flash. I find short cuts for everything. But thanks for that tid bit about the pencil.

What can I say?

It's unfinished. Why bother to upload it

However, the character art is nice. Just spend some more time on the background, finish it properly and you could be looking at an 8+


I love EB. I was really enjoying this movie. The art style fit EB so well. I would've given this a 5 and 10, had you finished it. Uploading unfinished movies, especially when they're so promising, is depressing.

3 and 6, because you crushed my happiness. ;(

NessSuccess responds:

sorry heh. Its just when I started this I kept saying "Im not gonna get lazy and quit! I have to finish this!" And about a week ago I stopped working on it....but I really wanted other people to see it so I uploaded it.