Reviews for "Earthbound"

well done

i have missed this game, still wonder why the wii ware doesnt have it relased yet? or even mother 3 ah well.

NessSuccess responds:

America hates earthbound for some reason =P


Lol i laughed at the end.

Well, John

It looks like you had your head handed to you.
So, how about giving it another shot?

> Yes No

On another note - dang, you beat me to it.

NessSuccess responds:

Lol that is actually how I was going to end the flash had I finished it.

You should finish this!

I love Earthbound and this movie shows much promise and potential. You should really consider finishing it.

At least, add Poo walking with the group and maybe all of them in front of a boss to end it.

Loved the eight melodies song and the Mother 3 song I can't think of.

NessSuccess responds:

Lol I had just started Poo before I stopped working on it.

Amazing Art Style but Please Finish!

The fact that this was not simply just another Earthbound sprite flash (although I love those too) really makes this one stand out in my mind. Your art style is fantastic and completely fit the Earthbound world in a way that was just cartoony enough but serious enough to represent the series. The slight distortion and lack of straight lines in Ness' room was especially great.You have amazing talent. The sound was also superb, some of the best I have heard in a long time.

Now onto the constructive part. If you had finished this, I would have easily given you a much higher rating, if not a ten. You clearly have the talent now please deliver to us Earthbound fans the kind of movie that you are capable of creating. Also, please add a preloader and a replay button.

All in all, I will take it for what it is, an Earthbound short, but I think myself (and many of the other reviews) are craving more of your Earthbound talent!

NessSuccess responds:

Thanks for the review. Its just I get bored to easily.