Reviews for "Earthbound"

Omg yes..... gahhh whyyyyy *sob sob*

This was awesome right up until you skimped out....Why?!?!?! The animation and music fit earthbound really well it's about time we got a tribute for the game. YOu were so close to being done though ... why not comeback later and finish it?.. 4/5 9/10 ... for lack of ending =P


It was really cool. I like so totally wish there would be like a earthbound 2 game that will come out for the ps3 and 360. That would make me the happyest dude on earth.

Anyways, animation was awesome, music was pretty cool, drawing was pretty realistic, as in i could tell what was happening and where it is.

Overall good job 10/10 5/5


Well drawn, ending was silly, and yea Earthbound (or Mother 2) is a sweet game.

NessSuccess responds:

What ending?

I loled.

You know, the moment I saw the white on black words saying your too lazy was epic. The music changed suddenly. Btw you could use enjoyable elevator music for the last part ;)

NessSuccess responds:

yea the music at the end was from mother 3.

Well made.

It's great to see an actual animated Earthbound flash and i must say though it was spectacular you did a great job making this also the music was a great touch to it,it's a pity you didn't finish it though but regardless this in my opinion deserves a spot on the Earthbound collection page.

NessSuccess responds:

That would make my day if that happened.