Reviews for "Earthbound"

hey guy, EB rocks, please, finishi it...

.....the two stars remaining is for the incomplete movie ^^


Yo, nice flash, but you have you played mother 3 (earthbound sequel) if you haven't play it now!!!! The story owns earthbound's by far imo :P Go to starmen.net... they have the fan translation completed :O

NessSuccess responds:

I beat Mother3 a while ago. Thanks though.


you have really great art...so finish it! :D

Pokey was fatter in the future...

Lol saw this on youtube and had to see it in better quality. Nice flash dude

NessSuccess responds:

Haha thanks dude.


u just end it here cause your lazy?!?! make part 2 or else.

NessSuccess responds:

that sounds about right