Reviews for "Apocalypse Please EP: 1 A"

easter egg

All of the king horses...
And all of the kings men....
couldnt put my heart...
back together again.

Yes, wow...

I actualy felt like I was watching a cartoon on TV, good job!

The Young Days of Devil Hunters

Ah, ok... let's see, where should I begin...?

The Plot: Perfect.
The Humor: Good
The Script: Excellent
The Characters: Excellent
The Animation: Excellent

I like it. You didn't miss out on any details, like the Characters and the friends, and the School etc.
This is gonna be big for sure, and I'm really looking foward to the next one.
I guess this would be a suggestion of some type:
Give each of them a weapon of choice.
And I like the Humor as well, for example, a Warewolf as the Teacher.

10/10 Score
5/5 Emotion
Added to favorites

No complaints on my end.
Keep up the good work. I can't wait for the next episode!

See ya!

oh yea

that was awsome, havnt seen this kind of stuff in a long time.

some scene could hav been done in some other manner tho, but im not the artist or yea.

still fun stuff tho! :D


The animation and voice acting was amazing! Keep it up!