Reviews for "Mecha Martyr"


Same as every other shooting game like this, i dont really like the mouse moving to shoot controls cos you cant concentrate on moving, its good though for this type of game


The concept was awesome, but no storyline and it makes the fun worn out when you got all of the upgrades. Perhaps a storyline and more upgrades (including more enemies) will be good


you should have put more thought into this...

it looks like a good idea but it also look like you didnt quite make it there.

have you ever played Collateral Damage? (another flash game...no not in NG) or "Target Earth" for Sega Genesis? or Cybernator for SNES? or Gun Hazard 2 for SNES?
not that you should have done as good as those games... but at least you should have tried.


this was just an overall boring game. there is some potential here, but none of it was expressed. try again, please.

Controls don't make sense

The controls are totally counter intuitive. It made game play painful.