Reviews for "Mecha Martyr"

I'm Not Sure What Happened

To be honest, this game is utterly forgettable. Other than the interesting nature of your upgradable mech, I have trouble even remembering all of the enemies a full 24 hours after playing this game. The game is just utterly lackluster. On the other hand, I played through the entire thing, something I rarely do with games I don't like. I think it had something to do with how I only died once, and that was in the last level; I was driven by some strange compulsion to continue the thing's life, and when I died, all interest I had in the game vanished.

It's repetitive, a little boring, the art is disappointing other than the flying robot which looks good but doesn't even animate, the window seems too small when you get to the higher levels, and it's pretty easy to boot. It's passable as a diversion, but then again it's nothing more than that. Totally average.


about the azerty keyboard, it's very easy to switch your keys, just pop them out and rearrange them

Great music

The music was amazing but i didn't get the point with this game; it was difficult to move, the controls was not terrible and enemy get tough too fast.

Not good

I had this glitch where I couldnt move and after the 2 wave, they completely stopped coming. No storyline and just, not that great.


Same as every other shooting game like this, i dont really like the mouse moving to shoot controls cos you cant concentrate on moving, its good though for this type of game