Reviews for "Mecha Martyr"

Its okay..

It wasn't as exciting as i thought it would be. Like, when they get killed they just fall to the ground. I was hoping the people could like get torn apart.

Not great.

Not great, pretty generic, unoriginal.

Sort of interesting graphics.

its pretty boring

i thought it would be hell fun, just i got over like, so quickly.

Couldn't see what I was shooting...

Except for shooting down rockets and grenades, I found myself just shooting and dropping grenades randomly hoping they'll hit something. When I tried to get closer to the ground in order to aim I just took too much damage, and enemies took too much shooting to die; aiming my grenades was really difficult and enemies anyway run around too much...
This game has a good basis but usually I'm much better in such games. Maybe it just needs more powerful weapons which are easier to aim.

Sort of interesting.

A nice way to fap away some freetime, but too much is based on exp and far less on the player IMO.