Reviews for "Mecha Martyr"

Fun, for a while...

It was good (apart from lvl1) and the upgrades were awesome n' all, but by lvl 8 I had unlocked everything. From that point on, it was just more of the same. Add more upgrades, enemies maybe? Plus missiles started freezing in mid-air at exactly vertical points.


Its a good game but i think the graphics arent cool and its repeteable.
This have not a good gameplay, so its a good game but its not "veeery good"

Not great.

Not great, pretty generic, unoriginal.

Sort of interesting graphics.


Its ok but too easy to upgrade, just dont upgrade thrugh the first 2 levels and at the 3rd levels end use all the exp on the gun, just kill kill and get over 10000exp


the cheat for more xp is RustyRules