Reviews for "Mecha Martyr"

Nice but it exist a nicer game

This is nice but after a while you have all uppgraded

Something good 2 start off the new year...

could be better, could of been worse...but anyways, nice job. It could of had more but i'm satisfied with what was provided.

Pretty good

I think this game is pretty good.
The graphics are fine.
The game play isn't the best i say.
The music is ok nothing really special bit neutral.
Oh and, after a while when shooting with the turret thingy the machine gun like sound stopped.
Pretty fun dodging bullets and stuff and, also pretty boring after 10 minutes.
I say:
Graphics: 8/10
Sound (dunno why i rate this either): 6/10
Game-play: 5.5/10

So thats why i give it a 7.
Good job. "thumbs up"


cool but its get boring after a while...


It's kind of good.But haven't they heard of saving?