Reviews for "Mecha Martyr"

Really good, but...

I thought this game was really good my first playthrough, it starts off a bit slow and such. but quickly speeds up and becomes a great game. Unfortunately, I came back today to finish up my previus game and found that there was no save feature. This day and age, any game such as this should and does have a save ability, so it really took away from the overall quality of the game.

I hope you read this and fix this issue, but if not this is still a great game so congrats on that achievement and front page.

Pretty nice

This is a very good game, well done and well made, however, there were a few flaws IMO. first off is the short list of upgrades available. I maxed out everything by lv 8, which is a bad thing in a defense game. you want your list of upgrades to be long, so that you can keep up with the enemies, which I felt were another issue. they can and will come from anywhere, and everywhere, firing constantly. the bullets are so small they're easy to miss, and everything else moves so fast, its hard to shoot out of the air, and because they come from virtually every direction, its impossible to defend against it all. combined with the short list of upgrades, this makes it difficult to survive for extended periods. the purpose of the game is of course, survival, but it defeats the purpose to have an unavoidable stream of projectiles from an endless stream of enemies. i see below me that not everyone shared my difficulty, but whether its because they're amazing or i suck i'll never know.


Not a bad idea, but it was a bit repetitive. I felt cramped in the small gameplay window, I think this might have been better if there was a large fixed screen rather than a sidescrolling one. It made incoming rockets and such very hard to see.
The grenade upgrades are also a bit awkward. It's annoying be constantly switching grenade types in game, so I recommend that instead you start players with a basic grenade and allow them to upgrade characteristics of just one type ie. damage, damage radius, respawn time etc.

good, game, but has glitches

I would always make it to the levels with the jets, at which point i would randomly die in 1 hit at full HP.


Besides that, good work.

goog game

easy to play fun 2