Reviews for "Mecha Martyr"

Not Bad....

It's not bad, but it's pacing is really slow, plus the fact that the enemies can shoot you from offscreen, through a wall, overall a nice game though

Ummm.. Spoa...

I am left handed and can play this game just fine. Maybe you are just retarded.

Review States: Not Bad

Gameplay- Exellent it was overall good except i found that i could sit in the corner of the map and not get killed because nothing was spawnning, also i found that the bullets of some planes and helicopters still stay up while playing. But the big issue is the whole no spawn sit in the corner thing.

Creativity- The Game was extreamly original because i know i have never seen a game out there like this and the different parts for upgrating was a great system to see being used

Controls- The controls to the game was a execellent basic game format because i know that i wasn't scrambling to push anything and i knew where everything was so it was great to have a good game without unknown controls.

Overall Rating: Great game, some gliches that stop it from being extreamly well done, but mainly everything else was great make more to improve

good game

it has to be your taste, but i liked the game. the level up screen was especially nice, and how you selected the part. overall i enjoyed it.

nice game

its a nice game but it gets to hard to fast and the enemies take way to long to die