Reviews for "Mecha Martyr"

Excellent Game!

Got to 7 minutes and 46 seconds, ranked 526 :(

By then my game started lagging with all the bullets spewing around so I couldn't dodge for crap. You need to make a larger area to fly in.

to get infinite exp...

type the code "RustyRules" in the "enter cheats" section. before you press enter code, right click and press "copy". then enter the code. when you wanna enter the code again, just right click and click "paste" in the text box. I got 100000002342400 exp so far. write back on this. THIS GAME ROCKS!!!!

Very fun

I really enjoyed this game...while it lasted. At the end of level five, I spontaneously died. I had almost full health at the time. I won't be jackass (like many newgrounders) and give you a zero for one fixable glitch. Without that problem, this game is easily worth a ten. Excellent work.


i always loved games that have upgrades

Mecha game!!!

Fun, but gets boring after a while...more upgrades?