Reviews for "Mecha Martyr"

Fairly good

I liked this game, but it also had it's letdowns.

*I liked the upgrade system
*Nice gameplay
*Nice art
*Cheat was well balanced -- it gave you enough exp to pull yourself through to the next level if you really used it enough, but not enough that you use it on the first level and then pwn everything 'till level 100

*Needs a link to the medal screen from the in-game pause menu (also, your medal descriptions are messed up, the listed ones are swapped with the row above in the game)
*MORE UPGRADES. By level 15, I had 200,000 exp. How on earth could I spend ALL that!?!?!?

Save Much?

i didn't think it was a bad game but it needs a way for you to save. i mean it takes a hell of a lot a work to get to a certain point and then you die and have to start all over again. The game is fun don't get me wrong but its almost impossible to get to certain points without some form of luck. i even used the code and still got my a double s kicked and had to start all over again. its very frustrating so if you could add that in i think a lot of people would be grateful.

you should have put more thought into this...

it looks like a good idea but it also look like you didnt quite make it there.

have you ever played Collateral Damage? (another flash game...no not in NG) or "Target Earth" for Sega Genesis? or Cybernator for SNES? or Gun Hazard 2 for SNES?
not that you should have done as good as those games... but at least you should have tried.


rustyrules (c and p)

Sweet game!

Just one problem, saving. But its still really cool.