Reviews for "Mecha Martyr"

Holy cow

Longest... review.... ever....

So Great! ... But With Big Flaws.

This game was definitely worth trying. A futuristic theme, a survival game, upgrades, and large amounts of enemies that want you dead, just the kind of game I was looking for today.

However... as great as this game was, there were problems that I found that sort of brought this game down.

The first one I'd probably like to mention was the glitch throughout the entire game, which was the missile glitches. Simply put, missiles that the enemies fired would just stay in mid air and were unable to be shot at, but also they couldn't hit me either. This creates a confusion in the midst of the chaos between the real missiles/bullets to the glitched ones. This was actually only the 2nd most noticeable problem with this game.

This next flaw I found about this game almost immediately hit me as soon as I realized that the max upgrade for each area (except for armor) was 10. Honestly, your upgrade curve is EXTREMELY HIGH. Like, I found myself with max upgrades before I reached level 7 or 8. This problem probably saddened me the most about this game because I was expecting my entertainment value for this game to last long, but instead, found myself at the peak of my interests for this game only 7 minutes into it. When you're making games like these, you have to know how to "bait" your players into playing the game for extended amounts of time. Trust me when I say, there are hundreds of users on Newgrounds, including myself, that would just love to spend an hour or two on a game like this, but in order to do so, you have to literally tease us by advertising the bigger and better upgrades. I'm not going to insult your intelligence, however, by giving an example because just mentioning this problem, you probably already know what to do to fix it.

Another problem I had with this game was the lack of value for the upgrade. For instance, between damage levels of 1 to 4, I couldn't really notice a difference in the upgrades. Sure, I knew I was getting more powerful, but it was almost barely noticeable. Plus, no real graphical difference was shown in the bullets until somewhere along the lines of damages 6 to 8 when the bullets started to change, and when I reached max damage level.... it still took just as long as it did to kill the motorcycles and the infantry enemies as it did with the other vehicles. Speed and Agility also were a victim to this value of an upgrade problem, as I noticed I was getting much quicker in the vertical speed, but horizontal speed was slightly noticeable in upgrade changes. Of course, I'm not asking for HUGE differences between each levels of upgrade, but the amount that you've shown in this game wasn't nearly as enough as I was expecting when I would compare the lowest levels of upgrades to the highest levels of upgrades.

Of course, one thing I will mention though is that I loved your upgrade menu. It was unique and intricate and I loved the various graphics you presented depending on the upgrades that we chose. So, to put it short, you know how to present a game very well, but you're sort of lacking in the department of giving the upgrades the values they need in order to interest players to keep playing your game. Whilst having a high score system is a way to entice people to keep playing the game, giving the players all the best stuff they can use right off the bat is a formula that brings down the game's replay value.

However, it seems like (this is going by your author's comment) your personal life is dragging you down from making a sequel to this game, which is unfortunate since I saw a lot of great things you could of done to this game to make it much better than it is, and while I would like to mention those things, my characters for this review are starting to run out. Oh wells. The game was definitely great while it lasts. If you do ever decide to make a sequel, or even a different survival game in itself, I'd be more than glad to give my suggestions/advice if you ever wanted me to. It's the least I can do for allowing us to play a game like this. Until next time...

- Nondo

Great but not perfect

The reason I gave it an 8 was that I would like to see more upgrades, everyone is saying the same thing. Like when you upgrade the weapon, change the projectiles. You know like it could have laser beams, we all love lasers. Also the other reason is that there are a few graphical bugs as well. If i died and i clicked play again my cross hairs would be printed on the screen where i first started shooting. Also some of the rocket from the tanks were freezing in midair. I could not shoot them down or be hurt by them, they were just there. It really is a good game great time waster. I would really like to see a second one made.

Fun with upgrades

Fun game, but we shouldn't have to go hunting for the cheats.


i always loved games that have upgrades