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Reviews for "DBZ- Goku Turns Evil Ep1"


I've never been much of a fan of DBZ and I can't say I've ever liked DBZ, but I will say that I thought this movie was rather enjoyable so keep up the good work.

Anime Cliche' #131908...

...turning evil instantly makes a character more powerful, and causes their clothes turn black, for no other explainable reason other than they just "turned evil". It's true. It says so right here in the book. It's listed right next to the "Anime Armor Paradox" where-by a girl's protection is inversely proportionate to how much clothing she wears (IE: less is more), and the "Anime Makeup Cliche'", where by any girl that wears make-up in an anime will instantly be evil, a dominatrix and/or a slut. This also followed "Saturday Morning Cartoon Cliche'", where-by all characters must explain what they're going to do before doing it. (Hmm, I sense Goku over by that dark energy. I'd better go check that out instead of standing here talking to myself for a minute).

Curious ... why didn't he just wish for Goku to not exist. Must not be a very powerful all-wish-granting dragon if it can't make someone disappear, and instead can only make them evil for 36 hours.

Overall, animation was good, sprites were a bit blocky at times. Some of the sprites didn't fit the scenes, EG: you used the standing sprite for a lot of the mid-air action. Overall good job. Have definitely seen worse. However, "ZOMG X-TREME FITE SEEN!" flashes are, in and of themselves, cliche', since so many are done these days.

OLD293 responds:

His clothes turning color was to be a representative of him turning evil (like Evil Ryu maybe?), along with his "slight" change in dialogue. This isn't perfect, but it's somewhat of a big stepping stone for me, so try not to down me too bad.

In the show, Shenron's powers are limited sometimes...besides this being my flash and being able to do what I want with it, I don't think Shenron can just wish someone to not exist. As for the 36 hours, I didn't want to turn him evil permanently as I wouldn't know how to end it then, so I came up with a random time limit and would try to work it as things went along.

needs some work.

This wasn't bad, but the beginning was very slow and uneventful. For a non-DBZer, or someone who doesn't normally watch sprite movies, this could make them close out immediately. Add something to look at during the dialogue. Voices aren't completely necessary, while it definitely helps, but the dialogue itself needs work. The lines were very half-done and out of character. Team up with a friend to write a script, and improve the text backgrounds and font color. It was very difficult to see sometimes especially around Shenron. If I sat back in my chair, I couldn't see too well.

The fighting was alright, but it wasn't anything special. Sprites limit you so you have to make use of camera angles, which you did some, but not enough. You know about SMBZ, so watch those fights. While there are few moves, he creates situations that are impossible to encounter with in-game sprites. The perfect example is Yoshi vs Mecha Sonic. That was amazing. I usually am not completely captured by sprite movies, but his fights are wicked. Take note.

The story itself was very uninteresting. Just Goku becoming Evil sounds like a very boring and flat plot. This doesn't need to be Ep 1, it could have just been "Goku vs Piccolo," because it offers little more than that. Also, the 36 time makes it seem like in a day and a half, they can pretend none of this even happened. I'd work on story, dialogue, plot devices, and improve on the fight scenes. Voice Acting is recommended, but that's up to you.

Good luck.

OLD293 responds:

I'm a Strategist, which means that I rarely ever try to ask anyone else for help to do anything as I prefer to find the answer myself. I'm not saying that I can't ask a friend to help, just saying that 8 times out of 10 I won't regardless of the outcome of circumstances (unless its dire).

The story it self is not great but I'm not good at them, so I think this is pretty decent for me. Others have said that they like the story and they it's interesting, but everyone has different opinions and I've learned I can't please everyone.

Dialogue could be improved, I won't lie. I will go watch more episodes of the actual series to try and cope with that more. 36 hours is a long time to do destructive things while evil, especially for a DBZ person...let alone in DBZ a day could take like 20 episodes because that is how they did it, but it isn't realistic but somewhat understandable.

The plot device basically ties in with the story explanation. I'm not really good at complex plots, or even making up really good ones. This is basically off the wall and I thought it would be interesting if Goku, instead of saving the day, was actually a cause for ruining the day. I didn't know any other way of going with this so I chose this way.

As for the fight scene, I entirely know that it needs work which is what I intend to do to it, so nothing else I can say about it.

Thx for the most constructive review received all day. I agree with you on most of the things you said, but based off the way I am and how I'm doing it some stuff probably won't be changed.

Well done

This was very well done, especially for a sprite movie. Not that sprites are bad persay, more that there are so many of them. It's nice for one to stand out like this.

The way you adjusted the angles/close-ups. The music, action, timing, everything was right there. The only thing I would have dinged is the length/load time, but you warned me before hand, and it wasn't as bad as I thought so 10/10 5/5 good job and please don't abandon this; I've seen a lot of good flash ideas cut off.

OLD293 responds:

It won't be abandoned, rest assured. But it might be awhile before the next is submitted, depends on progress.

not bad

this is not bad in fact it my have potential on a good series with a little work

oh if you don't mind an idea why don't you try having them find the black star dragon balls to try to tern him evil forever but like i said it's just an idea

OLD293 responds:

I have no idea how turning him evil permanently would work out, or how to even put that into work. I already have a visual of how I'm going with how it's currently made and how its going to end.

I don't know what you ppl want from me to satisfy you, as you are saying this has potential. I know it isn't great, and the only real fault I see is my animation action which will be changed before I even attempt to start Episode 2. Other than that though I'm basically stumped, but will try to find the answer by watching other successes.