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Reviews for "Meet the Spy"


Funny, good animation, awesome drawings and
amazing voice acting.
Great job, I like this.


The guy is really good.

good video

alot better then other TF2 videos I have seen. And to the guy below me, there already is a TF2 start praying for TF3.

"I never really was on your side"

Wow, you really took Valve's writing style to heart when making this! Its truly impressive to see that level of work put forward in making this! I've seen a few "meet the" fan made versions and this one takes the cake.

Seeing as the spy is my favorite class, I've always wanted to see what a "good" version of this would look like. You did not disappoint!
good work and good luck in your future endeavors
*~t3h C.

Love it.

I am happy that you put in the fact that spies will just turn into your teammates and yell "MEDIC" over and over and think that they will get a medic to heal them.