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Reviews for "Meet the Spy"

Pretty much the best of tf2 parodies

everything is down right. the pacing and side references are all good.

Loved this!

FYI: I dont believe there is any voice acting in this whole video. The spy, as well as every other class' voice, are directly from the game. Fantastic animation, and I loved the still with the engi and the spy. hah!


Wow! Thats all I can say, lol! It was supprisingly really good! All the voices and everything really flowed well and actaully seemed as though he was talking properly.

The animations and style were very nice too! They weren't spectactular but they were... Conforting is all I can really think of how to describe it right now, lol!

Good Job! Enjoyed the humor too by the way!

Is dat sum...




Great stuff

MMMEDIC MMMEDIC MMMEDIC! Exactly the thing that happens in game. :P