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Reviews for "Key Master 2"

Woohoo! #1 :D

Awesome game!

A few things I noted:

Make it so the texts don't overlap, it's really really annoying. D:

Make the heal potions appear a tiny bit more often.. Eventually, when each monster has 3 words in them, it's a little silly because text overlap, and they're all near you, so you basically can't see shit. D:

Also, make it so when you backspace, it erases one character. Like a normal text editor. The reason is that each time I erased, I had to look down to see how much text it erased.. which is also kinda annoying if you play without looking at what you're typing. (If you're experienced enough).

All in all a good game. :) I couldn't figure out how to active the spells though, oh well, didn't have time to read the manual. XD

P.S.: Try working on the graphics a little now that you got the programming done. Especially the decor. Green ground with a few rocks is a little.. meh. Add new decors for each levels maybe? Lava? Snow? etc.

Good luck!


I played the first one, and enjoyed, and this is much better!
I love this game, great job!

Wow dude!

This game really is very awesome!
Added to favs!

Good stuff

I really like these kinds of games. good one.

ffgameplayer responds:

Glad to hear it. Thanks!

Might be useful

I think I will recommend this game to my colleagues who teach typing in our college

ffgameplayer responds:

Sounds good! Let me know if they have any suggestions!