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Reviews for "Key Master 2"


pretty good, although I died on the lowest difficulty <_<"

addictive game

great game, i just got 5th for day, week, and month high scores!!!!!!!!!! about 22000!!! haha, im the top in britain

it's OK (for QWERTY keyboards :p)

But it sucks if you have an AZERTY keyboard :(.
Nobody ever seems to notice that, and I don't blame you because the stupid **** here in Belgium thought: "hey, the whole world seems to work with this type of keyboard, why don't we make it different, YAY?". :P
Whatever their reason was, I think it's a pity, but I'll live with it.

So it's ok.


this is were my teach got this game

i like it

i think this game is amazinly fun and could probably be used for gamers to try and learn to type better or faster...nice, on a side note...i am #3 for the day, week, and month for grand master level...im not on the all time though...sadface...GO SALVO