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Reviews for "Key Master 2"

its ok

its ok but not great can improve a bit but its still good cant wait for another of these


a little bug i've encountered: using a nova potion on a boss made the next phrase you have to type in order to hit him be only one word long, irrespective of level.

this series is going in the right direction. I want to see some more thought going into upgrades, attack types and monster abilities - for example, a monster that can only be hit by typing in the word in reverse.

Needs some technical work

At the point where you're getting pinned down I noticed that there was some serious trouble in parsing what I was typing... what would happen was something like this:

1) I type a word to shoot at someone in the back
2) It takes so long for the arrow to get back there that I type four or five other words before it hits
3) The word I've already typed is displayed there, so I start typing it again
4) Something in the middle of the word overlaps with the beginning of a new word on the screen
5) I now am jammed, because I have part of some random word on screen and I can't tell what's going on.

You need to have the word boxes disappear the second that you can't type the word anymore, rather than waiting for the arrow to get to the monster, since the arrows fly so slowly.


Awesome game indeed!

However, as someone noted, players with an AZERTY keyboard might have issues due to the speed of typing and scrolling of the words.

Issues that were noticed; You ought to make the boxes of text not overlap one on another. Perhaps make them transparent? I'm not sure how you'd go about doing that, but good luck.

Healing potions did not seem frequent enough to be useful. They appeared often in the beginning when I didn't need them, but hardly ever when I was really being pinned down by monsters (which the text of I couldn't read because it was overlapped!)

The backspace script was also more or less annoying. It erased numerous letters at each click, made it that I had to glance at the bottom of the page each time I erased. Perhaps make it erase just one character at each tap?

You ought to also add new backgrounds for each level or so. Shouldn't be too hard to whip out now that you have most of the game done. :)

Good job and waiting to see more from you pal!


Might have a little bit of a bias due to me being number 3