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Reviews for "Key Master 2"

hot damn

now i can write SUPER fast! thannnnnks man!!!!!!


okay well its a good game, one of the best typing games i've ever played, not that i play many

anyway onto the problems
first off, when i tried to activate a powerup, fire or lightning, it never told me what words i had to type
secondly, during a boss battle, if you spent enough time, it said you passed to the next level without even beating the boss
third, when i died during the fourth boss, a little red bar kept flashing at the bottom of the screen, then i clicked submit score and it sent me to the main menu, and the bar kept flashing
and that's it

One of the most addicting games I played recently.

I think the overlapping boxes is better. It a) Makes you remember it if you've seen the word already, or b) Makes you strategize what needs to go to reveal the box you're looking for. It all adds an edge to the game. It's so fun on the hardest level because you're just constantly typing words as fast as you can and it almost gives you a fun rhythm. Speaking of which, I absolutely loved the song. I'd love to see some more typing games from you. :)


you can do better
the game play is the same al levels
need to have a var factor
but is too good for practice how to write fast :P

its ok

but its hard to make a typing game its just not that fun to me i think there was one and it was more powerups and skill ( the actualy fun things) then typing