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Reviews for "Key Master 2"

resart level

when you die you should be able to restart the level, maybe at the cost of losing your score, its just a real pain to get to the last level, die, and then have to start all over again from the beginning.


challenging but hard


but fun.
i played the grandmaster and left with the last key. wuz too tired to play haha!
i got gang banged ):


Good b/c it reminds me of typing tutor 7 but bad b/c it has an uber slow reaction time which pisses me off.

Very fun, but plenty of problems to work on.

Well, I guess I can't complain too much considering as of right now I am #1 in the world on grandmaster difficulty.

However, I could have gotten way further had some adjustments been made... like for example when you back the characters up so far you can't see new words... or when multiple characters overlap and you can't see all of any word.

In addition, I don't understand what the screen between ... scenes? ... is if not a level change, yet there are these annoying red flashes that say you are going to a new level all the time that ultimately just get in your way of seeing the upcoming words. I also had some problems with typing faster than it would register at points... also, you shouldn't use the same word more than once in a level because multiple times I would type a word and then it still be there after I kill everything else because my little magic fireball hadn't made it there yet so I would try typing it again (because you do use the same words a lot) and it would break my chain of words because apparently it really was the same one that time.

Hmm.. there was other stuff but I really can't remember I'm sort of tired right now... the other monsters should be gone before the boss comes up I'd say... I would like something more like sentences to type maybe and then there are just animations going on on the screen in place of one-by-one word characters dying because it all just overlaps and takes away from what the player could really do. I type about 90 words per minute, so I know I could do faster than what my score shows.

Anyway, pretty good game. MAKE ANOTHER!!! :)