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Reviews for "Navicopter"


Sweet game but it repeats its self so i could get an infinite amount of point and "move with mouse" is well so bloody simple.

Ryan094 responds:

Yeah well, ok.

A bit too easy...

It was kind of fun but way too easy. Interesting music, though.

Keep it up though, maybe I just have too short of an attention span.

Ryan094 responds:

Lol, the music is the only good bit.

good graphics

except that the game is too easy and too short.

Ryan094 responds:


The idea is good

As i said the idea is good, but its really easy i mean, i pass everywere without even looking, you should add some parts that make this game a bit more hard, like some tiny walls and stuff like that....

Ryan094 responds:

Yeh true.

Pretty bad.

The best part about this game was the music.

This game could've been fun if it was actually challenging. I would suggest not giving the option to control Navi with the mouse, and stick to the clicking mechanism, otherwise it's simply way too easy. If you WERE to keep the controlling by mouse in, make the level way longer, and increase the speed continuously until someone crashes.

Ryan094 responds:

It does increase continuously and i guess the levels should be longer. Thanks.