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Reviews for "Navicopter"


There was only one level? I was expecting something kinda Zelda themed, like having to navigate through dungeons or towns or something.

Ryan094 responds:


sorry, didnt like it

nothing original, fun, or replayable. On the positive side it was nice to have Navi as a character, maybe next time you could put some levels in it that are from Zelda. Either way, the lack of levels really doesnt help. so over al i think this is a 2/10 but i also gave a 5/5

Ryan094 responds:



It just repeats the same sequence over and over again whilst playing some OOT(Ocarina of time) music over and over. I was kinda hoping that it would change after the third song, but it was the same.

Ryan094 responds:

I see.

Really easy to cheat in.

This game is really easy to cheat in. Just open up the Page Source then find the URL of the .swf, play in the mouse mode, right click then click out of the level. It's an easy fix, and the level should be made to repeat forever instead of up to 2500 points or whatever it was. Other than that it was a pretty well made generic game.

Ryan094 responds:

Uhh wat? No one is going to play this game out of newgrounds so i don't need to fix that also it does go on forever.

Its aight

But its like just a cheap copy remake of The Helicopter Game.
Try to make some improvements and/or differences and perhaps i may change my ratings

Ryan094 responds:

True but i really cba because this was just a small mini game.