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Reviews for "Navicopter"

what they said

Too easy. I was expecting it to get fun after a while... like more challenging with different levels. Then the same thing started and eventually I got tired of it. And playing with the mouse was so easy i committed suicide. really though the game has potential. I liked it at first until it repeated itself with the same easy obstacles.

Ryan094 responds:


Another one of these...

This kind of game is really a tired concept, and there's nothing unique to this one to set it apart. The graphics are basic, with a two-color background and one-color obstacles. It also moves really slow, and it eventually just repeats what you've already gone through.

Ryan094 responds:

*yawn* ok then.

Aaaaaah Blah Blah

I found it awesome to run navi into the walls over and over again!!!
Way to go!!!

Ryan094 responds:

Ha, thanks?

For this genre of games...

it was insanely easy. Both click version and the mouse control didn't pose a challenge at all. And the repeating landscape was a big disappointment.

Ryan094 responds:

Yeah i guess.

Not very good at all

First of all, the left-click mode doesn't work. Secondly, the mouse mode is boring and way too easy. In addition, it's slow and repetitive. Also, if you're going to use Navi, you should make backgrounds and such from Zelda, and it would even be cool to have some of the characters show up in the form of obstacles and/or powerups.

Ryan094 responds:

Left click mode not working? It does work. Everyone has used that. It must be your computer.