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Reviews for "RE-UNdead ep.6"


made my half hour


ok, well i have to say it looks great, except pixels hair seemed a little off.... not really sure y. I'm all for new characters, but maybe develop Seth a little more but don't make another episode of him being the main character till the audience, ur fans, get to know who he is and if he truely is a prick 24/7 or just likes his POPTARTS!!!! haha. Other then that great job.... o. one more thing.... i didn't see dopey:( he had to be my favorite just due to the fight scene he had, i understand if u lost the guy for his voice, but i would like to see him back in action anyway:D.


P.S. Sorry for the crappy typing layout, i'm not really good at making shit look neat unless its for school or something.

Khris responds:

he just wants likes his poptarts, but i still need him for the next episode


That is really funny, I just watched all of the RE-UNdead episodes and thought they we're all pretty good. You can come up with some funny random stuff, but I don't think that the jokes were done as well as they could have. (But who am I to complain, I couldn't do half as good). I'm sure you'll get better at it though.

Voice acting was good.

well done

this series could be one of the best of NG. all i can add is add sum background music or more special effects. use your storyline and run with it.

I don't know what people are bitching about

The voice-acting, drawing & comedic timing was better than most other crap submitted to NG. There was a little bit of crackle on the voice-acting, and it sounded a tad forced here and there, but at least it was clear and enjoyable. The graphics and animation were smooth and good, contributing to the overall story. They weren't the most animated characters, but I'm not expecting Looney Toons here. The comedy was well-timed. One of my biggest annoyances is when a flash author leaves too much silence or space between jokes, either because they lack a sense of comedic timing, or because they think they're work is so funny the audience can only stand one joke every 30 seconds. Yours didn't leave me hanging like that. I didn't LOL, but I got a good chuckle out of several times. Overall, an enjoyable flash with comedy and plot. Not sure why other folks are bitching and giving such crappy scores. You deserve better.

Khris responds:

one of the best reviews i have ever gotten, thankyou