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Reviews for "Twelve Towers"

I liked it.

Really good game. A lot like Epic Battle but without the counter attacking. The upgrading was good and the controls took a while to get use to but eventually i had it down pretty well. Only real problem is that I got to about the 20th level and killed everything and the game stopped. I had saved multiple times through out the game and when I tried to load one it said i had no save files. Maybe the save doesn't work? Idk but still a great game 10/10 5/5

ffgameplayer responds:

Thats weird about the save game, it works every where I have tested it... maybe there is a security setting that is different for you.

Glad you liked the game and appreciated the good comments. Sometimes in higher levels badguys who have been iced or poisoned and blasted backwards take a long time to get back. There is a counter in the system that corrects this after a few mintues. I'd suggest next time just let it play out for a couple of minutes and it should end the level.


Good Game. Graphics are very good. I'm not a fan of defence games all that much but this is not half bad.

Fantastic game

Kept me playing till the end, fantastic job. 10/10. 5/5.


But I have no patience in games like this.

%u2022 Graphics - 10
%u2022 Sound - 10
%u2022 Controls - 10

i think its cool

i think its a sweet game