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Reviews for "Twelve Towers"

Great but...

The game is great, its fun to play and its fun to look how goblins fly through the air ^^...
But u screwed it by lettin the avatar shoot by aiming with ur arow keyes!!!
It would be much easier for all if u make an update with a mouse controll...

Almost perfect

As this kind of game goes, this is one of the best I've played. The arrow arch could use some work, perhaps a few more units you can send out, and maybe some spell leveling instead of just buying a new spell all the time could really improve this game.

The only major problem I had with this game was a single glitch. If you have the rock wall down while a dragon is coming at you, and that dragon hits the spot the wall is on, it will vanish and never come back. If the wall actually let the dragons go, or just stopped them without doing anything else, then it would be fine. As it is, one of the most powerful defenses can't be used because of this glitch.

Also, Impossible definitely lives up to its name.

Overall, a credit to the genre, but you lose a point for the obvious glitch.

Fantastic game

Kept me playing till the end, fantastic job. 10/10. 5/5.

Decent Graphics, Bad Gameplay

Sorry, this had such horrible gameplay I couldn't go on after the first level.
You can give lessons in creating sprites but you need lessons in how to make a game.

You should fix the controls and smooth out the difficulty curve. Also, too much hassle to prepare, too many instructions to read.


Good Game. Graphics are very good. I'm not a fan of defence games all that much but this is not half bad.