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Reviews for "Twelve Towers"

Nothing really new and some strange stuff

There are already tons of archer defending games and this doesn't add something very special to it.

The graphics are ok, while I personally dislike those rendered sprites; but well that might be just my taste.
But it's hardly deniable, that the animations for the faster creatures just look hilarious in their speed and unfitting to the game theme.

The music was not my taste either but there was no option to turn it off without turning off the sound effects. If I don't want any sound at all, then I could just turn off my speaker as well.
As an additional note: If you turn off the music in the title screen, you can't turn it on again (or so it seems to me).
But the sound effects were OK for me.

But what I really dislike about this game is how it handles the special shots. I can't combine them; well, that might still be fine. It might have some reason for that.
But then if I cast a new spell, any remaining special shots of the last spell are also not saved. Sorry, but this sucks seriously in my sense!

A mouse control would greatly improve the game.

Nice graphics, but keyboard only control detracts greatly from the game.

Not too bad but.

How many games about an archer defending a tower can there be?

Eh, ok

Takes a while to get used to, which is fine, but not that exciting to hold me to it. Does blizzard know you ripped those symbols for spells and what not from WoW?


But I have no patience in games like this.

%u2022 Graphics - 10
%u2022 Sound - 10
%u2022 Controls - 10