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Reviews for "Twelve Towers"


On easy...when it keeps going on it gets impossible... well very hard...And if only i wish that freeze can really freeze the enemys and when the dragons came everything came like... WTF! it was just wow hard... so i have not that much to say since i could'nt finish

umm stolen concept man

this is exatly like the concept for epic war and this idea is stolen complteely. The only score you got was because of graphics but still. Stolen concept man, originality wins over everything

Hard. Way, way way too hard.

I am all for hard games, ones that merit a challange. But, when I get so badly swarmed that I get killed almost instantly on the second wave of the first level when I have the difficulty set to EASY is when the game goes from nice and hard to way too hard, I hate it. This is one of the worst games I have played ever.

Home for the Holidays

A genuine prison experience! You can do everything in your power to fight back but in the end you always get butt raped! Seriously, the game needs to be tuned down a bit. Normal difficulty is bullshit. Did you even play through the game yourself? The spells are good eye candy, but that's about where it ends. They hardly have any effect damage wise, and the knock back is stupid. Most of the time the game just threw them in the air, and they landed right where they were to continue spamming away at the tower. The enemies are bogus too. Most of the time the player winds up getting zerged and is helpless to do anything to stop it because either everythings on cooldown, or there's just too many to deal with it all. Slow the enemies down, cut the amount of "leeroy" mobs on the screen, and tune the game so "Normal" is able to be beaten by a casual player, not someone who plays the game for hours at a time to master it.

As far as the actual game goes, the engine works okay, but like Bowman-Tower defense games, the aiming is really weak. Perhaps if there was something you could get like a powerup to see where you're firing at, then that would help. As far as actual powerups go, it was quite annoying to have the random spell drops in the game because most of the time they'd overwrite what you had already. The powerups for the fire and ice bombs were great. Get rid of those other ones and just have stuff like that. Another annoying feature was that if you used another spell that didn't affect your shooting ability, it would overwrite what you had on. IE I use Rapid arrows and then footman, and I lose the rapid arrows. I also noticed at times that certian "Crowd Control" abilities wouldn't work right either. I'd use sand storm, and then when I thought it was gone I'd use meteor but it wouldn't do anything because sandstorm had already ended. A downfall as far as stat affecting powerups was that there was hardly a selection beyond the typical abilities. Just health, strength, and shot speed. Oh boy.

All in all, the game was lackluster. The game brings hardly anything new to the theme, and is very rough to control and unpolished. The visuals weren't "stunning" but were decent. Audio could use some bug checking, because if the player dies and chooses to retry, it begins two tracks. Perhaps using a Stopallsounds() command might be useful?


The only thing I disliked about it was having to push the corresponding number for the spell when it would have been a ton easier just to use the mouse.