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Reviews for "Twelve Towers"

something is not right

This is a good game, but it lacks something....
or, it is made after good games as Epic Wars, only it's worse.. 6/10 man


Great game I beat it (on easy) (:
It was very very hard at first but when you get the speed at 12 to 20
you only combine it with the pig transformation power and it's very easy from that
I found a lot of problems in the game but I hope they shoul be fixed
awesome level ups but not so usefull all for example the supernova doesn't make as much damage as it should make but well little things that could make this game more than great


the only problem i see is that the the upgrades are annoying to use

Fun but problems

This was a fun game but there were a few problems I found.

1. Whenever you used an upgrade, if you hit one of the falling ones it would remove the one I used and use that one, which also was less time too. It would have been nice to either have it only burst into ice/fire balls or have it give you a spell that you have up top to use. Also if I used lets say stonewall, and that arrow hit it, I would lose my stonewall. Not good.

2. On the background for the undead, on one level I could scroll all the way to the right and see the sand dune picture. Not very nice looking to have that.

3. The rapid shot became useless very fast. Once I got my shot upgrade to 20 the rapid shot did nothing to increase the speed. Fix this?

4. Lastly more upgrades? Maybe an upgrade to increase your mana capacity(but expensive to do since you use that for the spells you can use in a match), more upgrades for your arrows, permanent split shot, extra range or speed, an aim cursor.

Besides those flaws it was fun for awhile. Nice graphics and backgrounds.

Has promise...

The game definantly has promise. But yeah its way too hard. I got swarmed on the third level by all those big ogers and some running knight? You should make more upgrades available earlier and I was on the easy setting to. Also needs some better targeting. I've always hated games like this where you have to know your angel where your shot is going. I'm giving you a 6 because I like the idea and story to it.