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Reviews for "Twelve Towers"

Uh. .

Good game and all, but. . .

Why is it that you blatantly stole World of Warcraft icons?


Its an ok game, but does Blizzard know that youre using their icons?

Good game

Good graphic and nicely done in general. But it miss a little something...
Ho and there a glitch for me that made the dragon disapear when they touch the stone wall. The dragon disapear but i cant pass the level because its like i didnt kill him. Not sure if im alone that find this glitch.
Was a quite hard at the beginning but just upgrade your speed arrow and buy footmen, stone wall and fire wall.

Good game

But really something is misseng.
Maybe if you add some ground it would be nice ;P

Awsome !

Awsome game and i love the Nova and Lightning Storm spells. Theres something about seeing the enemy getting demolished with Lightning strikes which makes me go all warm and fuzzy inside.

Definitely the best so far.