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Reviews for "Twelve Towers"

Ok...I guess...

Ok so honestly I didn't really like it...but I will give it one more chance later just to make sure I wasn't just having a bad day. All in all I'm a real big fan of the defense type games so I believe I'll get into this one too eventualy but for now all I can say is IMPRESSIVE GRAPHICS, GREAT CUSTOMIZATION, LIVE THE UPGRADES AND SMART TO ADD A SAVE DATA FEATURE...


It's games like this that give Defence games bad names. The game play was terrible, the "tutorial" didn't explain much, and the controls were sketchy. You really should put more thought into your work.


aiming with the arrow keys is a pain,it would've been much more intuitve if we could aim with the mouse.also,having spells limited to a certain number of uses is...stupid.spells are not like ammo,you can't "run out of fireballs",at least not in a GOOD game.and lastly,you just STOLE all the spell icons from Blizzard;seriously,you couldn't come up with original icons ??

0/10 and 0/5.


Gameplay doesn't feel right, ground would be good and you aim by seing where your arrows go (because you dont really shoot where you point) but when you change direction you stop firing so aiming becomes a hassle.


ONYL 44 REVIEW AND ITS ON THE FRONT PAGE?!?!(graphics=new, better than most, Gameplay=fail)