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Reviews for "Twelve Towers"

faster plz

I like the concept but I would have loved it if: we could combine different magic together ex.:fast arrow+double arrow, the guy was not shooting nearly fast enough even at speed level 14, you should put a button so the guy shoot automatically and we should be able to replay a level we've finished so we could make more money and buy more spells and defences... correct those things and it will be in my top 1.

Should be - "Under Construction"

I like the additions (large selection of spells) to the average defense game, but the game play itself is choppy and boring at best.

...needs work.

It was alright, but by the second wave/level, the player does not have enough resources to fight effectively. I spent most the round aiming right at the base of my castle hoping i coul dkill them all before the tower's health diminished. Even when i tried again and chose different upgrades and spells, wasnt working out for me. STart the game off slow instead of having an everest difficulty curve.

The interface is ugly

And by ugly I mean nearly unusable. Yhe graphics are jaggy. Most screens are too messy. Use white spaces between group of elements to make in more readable.
I don't even got to the game itself due to long waiting time on the first level. Or maybe the game just hanged up.

The score is 3/10 'cause I can see there was effort and the game can be improved to the playable level.

pretty cool

I like the game but it could of been better like sword fighting on the ground.