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Reviews for "Twelve Towers"

The game is very difficult, even on normal

Enemy spamming + slow attack speed and low dmg, also multiplying the target spells missing, doesn't make it easier. Still, nice game though.

Liked it

I played through. It wasn't too bad. Aiming was terrible, but it's the same with any game like this. I was kinda dissapointed with the final spells. I thought they would be a lot stronger. Just made it more challenging though. Very well balanced throughout the levels. It wasn't a walk in the park that's for sure. Big fan of the multi arrow shot spell and polymorph. Probably could have won the game just using those if their cooldown rate wasn't as high as it is.

Only grievances I have about this game are hit detection for the taller enemies (bowman and swordsman). They seemed to get hit on a lower plane than the shorter enemies. So you would have a werewolf running toward the castle with a bowman, and the werewolf would get hit. Not sure what that was about. And one more thing is the random spell drops. After the third level or so, rapid fire was pretty much useless for me. Usually I would be using multi arrow and be a couple seconds into it, hit the random drop and I would lose my multi arrow ability. Maybe have it so if you're using a spell already and you hit one of those, it keeps the one you are currently using. And fireball was useless after the first level. At least make the damage it does equal to what your normal arrow does.

One other thing. I hate to admit it, but I did lose a level because the only spells I had were the default and the footman spells (level 8 or somewhere around there). I figured I was screwed because I had wasted all my money on upgrades. Re-loaded and I didn't have the upgrades and my money was back. Kudos on that. All in all, good game. Keep making.


Wow that was really the best arrow shooter game i have ever played.
The spells were fun and the game was fun too.
The levcels were hard but gave a good challenge i beat easy and hard but then i got bored of playing to long lol
i did try impossible but i couldnt get past 4 lvl and went to hard

i only noticed 2 glitches...
1: Arrows and spells still showed after level was finished.
2: enemys stopped appearing after some lvls and the game just kinda sat there for 5-7 minutes , then it showed the spell screen again but still....

Anyway All in all good game i give ya a 9


Great game all round! Keep it up!

Constructive Criticism

Great game as far as concept and design, but lacked in gameplay. The game started good but I was really irked when i noticed that the spells couldn't stack. If the spells stacked and there was a visible plain that the arrows could hit, this game would be gold. There were some spells that had things like splash damage and explosions, this would be a lot more effective and players could be a lot more tactical if these exploded on impact with the ground, as well as enemies. Keep up the good work.