Reviews for "Gray Clay"


Takes me back to Knox...

<3 Clay animations!.. MOAR!

7IsUnlucky responds:

i remember him

man what happened to him

thanks, though

That was...

Awesome. Blobs of clay are cool!! especially when they are gray. First to give you a ten... i think

7IsUnlucky responds:



nice job with the clay and that your room lol

from DAD

7IsUnlucky responds:

its my fucking dining room bitch


kinda cool...
yet mostly cute X3

10/10 for the effort!

7IsUnlucky responds:

lol ok

Cool :D

I liked.
Not the best stop motion I've seen but still quite good.
Well done.
TIP: Some of it seemed a bit jumpy, be care full when doing stop motion cause those tiny jumps can ruin the whole thing :D

7IsUnlucky responds:

Yeah, it's my first one, and it was made on a mac with iStopmotion

better than that piece o' shit anasazi