Reviews for "Gray Clay"


i haven't seen a movie of this type, the whole time i have used newgrounds. i kinda liked it :)

7IsUnlucky responds:

oh thanks
that means a lot to me
for some strange reason


I enjoed this :]

7IsUnlucky responds:

i enjoed your mom ;)

Didn't like it.

It was pretty choppy, even for your first claymation.
Except for that ultra white, flabby arm, it wasn't that good.
I suggest working a little more on your next one.

7IsUnlucky responds:

Of course you didn't.


Yeah... what?

7IsUnlucky responds:


Ok look.

This movie just isn't good. Its not creative, and its not origional. It isn't funny either. It has no storyline, and im sure it only took you 1 hour to make it. It was extremely sloppy, AND choppy. Please try to improve on all those things and you just MIGHT get a 2 from me.

7IsUnlucky responds:

Um you're "origional" fucker