Reviews for "Gray Clay"

not bad man not bad


Although I hate you with a passion because of your stupidity and false sense of fame!!!

I do have to admit that this is actually alright...Stop motion is hard to do and is annoying in the final editing stages....I liked it - it was good. Well done!

I still Hate you.....But I like this......I could have gone for a little longer and maybe have some people or something...Maybe a Car crash but.....8/10

7IsUnlucky responds:

...who are you? and what reason could you possibly have to hate me .___.


kinda cool...
yet mostly cute X3

10/10 for the effort!

7IsUnlucky responds:

lol ok

Ok look.

This movie just isn't good. Its not creative, and its not origional. It isn't funny either. It has no storyline, and im sure it only took you 1 hour to make it. It was extremely sloppy, AND choppy. Please try to improve on all those things and you just MIGHT get a 2 from me.

7IsUnlucky responds:

Um you're "origional" fucker


nice job with the clay and that your room lol

from DAD

7IsUnlucky responds:

its my fucking dining room bitch