Reviews for "The Tower: Heart in Glass"


What the fuck was that shit?! I'm sorry to give a review that seems to only rant with out fairly judging on the game itself, but THAT SHIT WAS HARD! Too hard! You don't really level up fast enough & the money just wasn't coming in fast enough before my pathetic barricade was torn to pieces & I was completely owned on the 8th level!!! Id say nice try & you got an "E" for effort, but not really.

Eggy responds:

Then why not choose easy or even sandbox mode so everything is really easy to fit your skill level of noobness.


this game was awesome i loved it i give u mad props but i stopped hearing the music dont know what happened


This game was fun at te beggng just becus i was waiting and wondering wat if i get this and that,... yeah i must adimit it got kinda boring. But i have to say after those little anyoonig eggs and red amour butt-wipes and amoured skelton's,... it was kool to wipe them out wit the devil's own you a favor spell,.... over all it was okay


i really liked it but i got bored.

way too hard

well, i played it on easy. and it wasnt easy at all. not funny. there where those zombies in level...eh.. 17 or something and they smashed my whole castle in a few seconds...not funny. the music stopped playing when i reached level 14 and didnt start again....not funny. i couldn click the wepaons buttons from time to time, so i sometimes had the wrong weapon equipped and had to repress the button twice or three times.

overall a nice idea, but the game is too hard and buggy.