Reviews for "The Tower: Heart in Glass"


woohooo i beated easy mode =] i love this game i do think that the boss of level 40 could be a little stronger though. i just used 3 stone balls and he was dead anywayz most awesom version of tower defence ever b-e-a-utifull
keep it up!


Nicely done!

My man, this is a cool twist to a tower defence game. I didn't get too far yet to make a complete review, even at easy mode the game is quite difficult. But it seems doable, and is surely a challenge.

A bit more tutorial would be very nice too. In the beginning, I missed the spells and how to buy it. You're too focused attacking those enemies to realize you just have to hover over one of the spells to see the price and buy it.

I agree with TT : I really missed the reset button. That costs you half a point, but since we round off, it's still 10.

strategy tip
Be sure to place your cannons high enough (watch out for air units) and in the center of the tower. This avoids them getting destroyed immediately when it really starts to matter.


great work on this, like the guy below me said ¿ where is the reset button? keep up the good work

Interesting twist

I like this twist on defense games. However I think it needs lots more guns and attacking type of blocks rather than just static blocks.

It was confusing at first that I had to click all the way at the top of the tower to place a block. I know there's an arrow pointing to the top in the tutorial but making the top row flash in the tutorial would make that part clearer.

It needs a reset button to go back to the main menu.

Cool game