Reviews for "The Tower: Heart in Glass"

i found this to be rather entertaining

ive been playing this for about two hours now, i love the idea of being able to build ones defenses and attacking afterwards i would love to see another installment with many more options GREAT JOB!!!!

Level 35!

a good game. what the hell was up with those pig things?

Nice, but

Ok, I understand the king uses horses and armored knights as well as seige weaoonry.............but where do the cows fit in? I never heard of attack cows.............. Good game, though.

Nice Game

Nice game- perfect difficulty too, not too hard, and not too easy. I died on level 37- you should have highscores. In the end I placed 5 heart blocks, and upgraded my tower to almost 100% metal. once you get to level 4 attack, those missile thngs are really good for getting rid of big towers, bosses, and the cattapults before they fire. The most annoying enemys are those tiny but strong and powerfull nights you get from level 30+. There is a glitch I noticed thoguh, a few times, when the tower gets near the top, you can't build anymore and fill it up (theres a top line which never can be filled up, and sometimes a few other below it cant be filled up either) but overall great game, and teh sandbox mode is cool.

too glitchy

i pressed the begin wave button and when i tried to attack it went back to the build screen and the enemies still came so i couldnt stop them...

good idea though and i like the game, it just kept glitching fix pls