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Reviews for "Renegade Loop"

I love it!

This is great!

Chrizzly responds:

Thanks! Great that you like it!


I gotta say, this is one of my favorite metal loops yet. I am glad I got to use it in my flash, and hopefully we can collab in the future :). You really pulled the game together with this one, fantastic man!


Chrizzly responds:

Man, that was almost touching...
Well don't forget it's a cover of HammerFall...but still yeah would love collab!...i think the game ownz big time and im actually playing it evry day...reason1) It's addictive and fun like hell 2) I've got one of my songs there ;)...P.S Congratulations to your awards too, you're well worth em!

Good Job

Sounded pretty good to me, wanker! 5

Chrizzly responds:

Yea, yea!Thx!My new alias Chrizzly Da Wank!

is that IRON MAIDEN?

is this music iron maiden i kinda sound like it is

Chrizzly responds:

Nope, not Maiden...but it IS a cover of a HammerFall song! and well yeah Hammerfall and Iron maiden are pretty close in music genre....thanx for your review, mate!

My first review ever

Hello, I never feeled like leaving a review before but this time I do ...

I once was a fan of Hammerfall and Renegade was one of my favorite song and I have to say that you're remake is goddam good, I like it and continue to make other songs, they're all good as well.

Chrizzly responds:

Well this is just a loop, I still feel a little guilty for not making a whole cover, but I might as well do that in the future, maybe.
Honored of being given your first review! *Chrizzly bows*
Thanks and see ya!