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Reviews for "Badass Dora!"

pretty good but ...

i can't belive you didnt put in the line "swiper no swiping after he was shot to death" ...but a good vid seems unfinished tho

Snicp responds:

ye i was thinking of it but then i didnt know where to put it cause she actually kills him

Good animation, but could still be better

Cute, but it was short and I couldn't hear what she was saying. Also, did Swiper say "meow?" You know he's not a cat right?

Fun idea, how about some more with it?

What can I say? I really LOVE the idea of this video "Grow up and insane Dore with a machine gun." But the clip was a bit short, so there's not much development to it. Also, I had trouble hearing what the characters were saying over the music. Like I said though, it's a neat premise and I really hope you make another film that does more with it. :)

That was... Kinda scary.

That was... Not just kinda scary, really scary, you have scared me half way to death...

why ?

you succeded to made me laugh just in a 30 secs but why it should be this short ??