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Reviews for "Badass Dora!"

I am sorry

What was that. Sorry like last bastard said way to short and not in a good way.


That was alright actually, very random, short and cheerfull.

Was that a counterstrike sound i heard there with the load of the gun? I think it was! heh ;-)

In a Bruce willis voice....

Swyper......no swiping

Finish it ..

And i will give you a 10 ^_^ it's just way to short but could be funny if there was a little more thought put into it ..like dora punching diago or some shit and yelling this is my show! ...and a epic showdown between that new chinese little girl that teaches chinese of course...

Alot could be done to make a worthy flash...

Pretty good!

I thought it would've been funnier though if Dora said, "Swiper; no swiping" before unloading that machine gun on him. :P