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Reviews for "Badass Dora!"

holy shit!

that was f@#%$!#$%!@$ing awesome...
and its unanamous, ITS TOO SHORT!
totally need to make a sequal or remake or somethin...
btw u seem to know a lot about Dora the Explorer....just sayin...

Snicp responds:

haha sure think my young brother watching it all day for about 2 years


Right when I saw Swiper, I was immediately reminded of Courage the Cowardly Dog. Was he inspired by Katz?
-Blayke :D

That was pure gold.

The only complaint I have with this is that it is too short, just make it longer and you got a perfect animation. I thought the joke about how the cursor always goes somewhere on its own is hilarious. I wish the real show was this good, it killed me having to watch it with the kids....

Not Bad

Was hoping to here Dora say her famous catch phase "Swiper no swipeing" after she blew Swiper away in a sexy voice tho

Intertaining and scarey

How do you react when Dora the explorer asks you if you'd like to take her strait to bed >> - ZOMG THATS CREEPY!!111!!oneone
Anyway, awsome flash - I love that the monkey is doing the evil point and stare from family guy - and that swiper is the cat from courage the couwerdly dog - Hooray for upgraded characters lol =D