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Reviews for "Badass Dora!"


I used to hate when my daughter watched the show, wish it was like this, I would have watched it all the time. I see the curage the dog thing but the monkey looks like the one from family guy too on the load screen. ;) Yea I noticed that one too! :) A++++++ Vid though!

*insert curse word with exclamation points here*

And I thought Dora the Explorer was just for children. ;>

Loved it!!!

I see you're a fan of Courage the Cowardly Dog as well.

Snicp responds:

hahaha though no one will notice it

holy shit

lol, dora 25 years old?!?!

I love the refrances!

Good job, i hope to see a lot more of funny animations like this!

Snicp responds:

you will :)